Complete Your Degree

Students seeking to satisfy the NBRC RRT education requirements will find that Coastline's Associate of Arts Degree is easily obtainable!  

Students are required by the NBRC to complete 62 units; Coastline requires 60 units total for an Associate Degree.  Students completing the basic science courses for the NBRC RRT exam will satisfy the 18 units required within the Science and Mathematics emphasis and 2 of the 7 general education areas.  By completing the NBRC Basic Science courses, students will only need to complete 15 units (5 classes) across the remaining GE areas and an additional 27-30 units in electives.

*Class satisfies General Education and Major requirements.

Coastline Degree Requirements

Associate of Arts - Science & Mathematics

GENERAL EDUCATION (18 units total, 1 class per group)

Group A1 – Mass Communications

1 class (3 units)

Group A2 – English Competency

1 class (3 units)

Group A3 – Math Competency

MATHC030 or above*

Group B – Natural Sciences

BIOLC221* or CHEMC110* or PHYSC110*

Group C – Arts & Humanities

1 class (3 units)

Group D – Social Sciences

1 class (3 units)

Group E – Self Development

1 class (3 units)

AREA OF EMPHASIS – Science & Mathematics (18 units total)

Satisfied with BIOLC221*, CHEMC110*, PHYSC110*, MATHC100*   or above and Microbiology of 4 units or more from another institution

ELECTIVES (to meet the 60 units degree requirement)

Various Courses

9-10 classes (27-30 units)