Study Skills and Tutoring

Services Offered:

  • Guidance in improving writing
  • Study Strategies
  • Help with understanding content


Need help with a paper or research assignment? Send an e-mail to success@coastline.edu, and be sure to include:

  1. Your full name,
  2. Student ID number,
  3. CRN and title of the course for which you are requesting assistance,
  4. Brief description of the kind of help you want.

The tutor will contact you and make arrangements to address your needs.


NetTutor is a free online tutoring service that provides live and delayed tutoring in a variety of subjects.  Look for the "Online Tutoring" link in your Canvas course pages. You will get to select from a menu of subjects.  From there, you will be able to request a live tutor or submit a question or a paper for review.  If you do not see that link in your course, please ask your instructor to activate it.  You may also visit Coastline's Student Success Center page for more information about this service.

Contact Information

E-mail success@coastline.edu

Phone 714.714.7277