Course Selection Assistance

As you think about the next course you will take, consider selecting a general education course.  For Coastlineā€™s local degree, students take 18 units of general education requirements in addition to the major/area of emphasis classes and free electives.   So regardless of the major you eventually select, the general education courses will apply towards your degree.  Then as you progress in your academic career, the general courses will fit into your academic plan.

The chart below reflects the local general education requirements.  Most courses are offered every session; however it is best to check the Class Schedule from the website each session.  It is your responsibility to confirm how specific coursework completed at Coastline will transfer to your institution. 

Group A-E Common General Education Area: Course
Group A1: Speech (3 units) Communication
  • Intercultural Communication (CMST C150)
Group A2: English Composition (3 units) English/Written Communication
  • Freshman Composition (ENGL C100)
Group A3: Math Mathematical/Quantitative Reasoning
  • Intermediate Algebra (MATH C030*)
  • Combo Elem & Inter Algebra (MATH C045*) 
  • Liberal Arts Math (MATH C100*)
  • Introduction to Statistics (MATH C160*)
Group B: Natural Science (3 units) Life Science OR Physical Science
  • Introduction to Biology & Lab (BIOL C100C) (Life Science)
  • General Geology & Lab (GEOL C105/L)(Physical Science)
Group C: Arts and Humanities (3 units) Arts OR Humanities
  • Introduction to Art (ART C105) (Arts)
  • History & Appreciation of the Cinema (HUM C135) (Humanities)
Group C or D (3 units) History
  • U.S. History to 1876 (HIST C170)
  • U.S. History since 1876 (HIST 175)
Group D: Social Sciences (3 units) Social Science
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSYC C100)
Group E: Self Development (3 units) Self-Development
  • Personal Health (HLTH C100)
  • Nutrition (FN C170)
Free Elective (unit varies depending on program) Elective/Student Success
  • How to Succeed In Distance learning (EDUC C108)

* indicates that course has a prerequisite that needs to be met prior to registering for course.

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